It Just So Happens

It just so happens that Jesse Larson came to the Rec center with his friend’s ID card while Katrina was working the front desk about 4 1/2 years ago. Just so happens that it was my job to stop people from using the wrong ID to gain access to the gym. Just so happens I’m a rule follower until I die, and Jesse lost his ID card and was trying to meet a friend. Embarrassing hilarity ensures. I think he’s cute, but don’t let him in the gym. He is annoyed that he can’t see his friend. We both feel embarrassed about this interaction later and try to be extra nice when we see each other to make up for the awkwardness. Fast forward 4.5 years later, and embarrassing hilarity is the hallmark of our relationship. I frequently look at Jesse and think “I’ll never be bored.” We may grow tired of each other’s quirks but we’ll never run out of quirks! (I’m trademarking that line for the bestselling marriage book I’m publishing in 20 years). It just so happens that we met in a funny way. Because God knew we are and will be continue to be funny people.


Lurv of my Life right there 🙂

“So Ruth went out and gleaned in the field behind the reapers. She just so happened to be in the field of Boaz, who was from Elimelech’s family.”
Ruth 2:3, Emphasis added by me 🙂
 Totally riffing off (it’s what the cool kids say when they splice their mix tapes yo) Hillcrest’s sermon yesterday on Ruth’s journey. Last Sunday, Christian started his sermon by looking at the phrase in the book of Ruth where it says “and it just so happens that Ruth was in Boaz’s field.” Ruth, who was a Moabite woman (very much from the wrong place) ends up being Jesus’s very, very, great-grandmother. Which cracked me up because I was reminded of my own “it just so happens” moments. My good friend Savannah, when we were roommates, used to look up at he heavens And shake her hands in fake exasperation, and say “You’re funny Lord!” Whenever something would happen that was inexplicably ordained by God. So whatever phrase works best: “it just so happens…” or “you’re funny Lord” or “just got Jeremiahed 29:11’d” though the last one is more awkward to say out loud.


Moving has never been easy for me (even if it’s just across town, and there’s a lake). It just so happens that the Lord knows that. Amidst the exhaustion and emotional turmoil (see my last blogpost and fellow sentimentalists will weep alongside me), I asked the Lord for the encouraging word of a friend. I thought, well, maybe some friend of mine at Church will give me a hug or something. But God knows I’m a funny person and decided that wasn’t how it was going to happen. After moving all day, I had to go back into work that night (graduation weekend of course!). I was pretty tired and figured I would power through my shift. When I got there, my coworker (you know who you are) had put sticky notes all over the kitchen, counter, and fridges that said “Yay! Katrina!” God knows the funny sticky note plans he has for you. (Taking a lot of liberties with scripture, I know).

Here’s the actual verse:

Jeremiah 29:11 “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'”

Does this mean we get what we want? No. Does it mean WE get to plan it? No. Does it mean we are part of larger, bigger, redemptive story that is far greater that our own lives? Yes.

It just so happens I’m writing this blog post right now while I look out at the lake. and this is my home for now. I feel like Ruth, grief transplanting me into a foreign land and forcing me to ask these questions: “Who am I without my Mom?” “How do I keep loving Jesus like she wanted me to, while being authentic with my faith?” And I am filled with thankfulness. Not because I’ve found any of the answers, but because I have gleaned wheat from other people’s kindness and it has been enough to sustain me the last two years.


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