Summer Of Yes!

I have a theme for my blogposts within these lazy hazy days of summer (Anyone get the Gilmore Girls reference?). Sunshine is not always conducive to writing because it gives me the perfect excuse for procrastination and doesn’t promote angsty hours of internal writer reflection which cloudy/rainy days stuck inside seem to amply supply. See how I crafted that fancy little sentence? That’s the product of a whole string of days in March where it snowed. I’m not suffering from writer’s block, but more like sunblock. I put on sunblock and go outside and don’t write blogposts.

So, I need your help.

Four years ago, I was living with my good friend Sarah for the summer. We were approaching our last year of college and ready for a good summer. I didn’t want to drag my feet around that summer or stay indoors. So I instituted “Summer of Yes.” meaning that we both embraced whatever positive opportunities that came our way. It was also somewhat of a trump card to play with each other if you wanted to do something and the other person was feeling more introverted or felt like staying home in pajamas.

Here’s how my friend Sarah described it on her blog “The Summer of Yes.”:

One summer my good friend Katrina informed me that I  refuse to do far too many things. In order to get me to step out of my comfort-zone, she declared that summer should be “The Summer of Yes.” That summer has long passed, but in the spirit of that summer I wanted to do something that I hadn’t had the guts to do in the past.

We destroyed an old armchair with katana swords. We went to Shari’s late at night and ate pie. Some of us jumped off Whatcom Falls. It’s no coincidence that Jesse asked me out at the end of this summer, and I, of course, said “Yes.” And yeah, I totally jumped off Whatcom Falls to impress him or whatever. It only took me 30 minutes to convince myself hahahahaha.

So just like Sarah said, in the spirit of that summer, I want to hear about something you have or are doing right now that you never had the guts to do in the past. Something positive that you said “Yes!” to and now you’re incredibly grateful, thankful, or surprised at what you’ve learned in the process. A completely different career path, being a foreign missionary, or learning how to knit. Small or big things you’ve said “Yes” to. If you’re interested in sharing a bit on my blog this summer, comment here on my blogpost, or message me on Facebook!

Thanks friends 🙂

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