Tell Me What to Do!

About a month ago: Tossing back and forth. Awake from the hours of 3:30-5:30am for a week straight. Staring at the sky-light above my bed waiting for sunrise.¬†Which internship do we accept? Where is our home for the next 9-months? Where will we find community? Which decision is best? God, speak in this moment. Tell … Continue reading Tell Me What to Do!

Why the Church Should Pay Attention to Poetry

You're probably, scratching your heads thinking, "huh?" Where is she going with this?? To which I reply: Where are the safe places to rage and grieve in the church? Where's the room for the full spectrum of the musical scale instead of the victorious same set of chords? God created all of the notes in … Continue reading Why the Church Should Pay Attention to Poetry