When do I get my lightsaber?

Man, nothing prepares you for the week like a stress dream involving your past glory days of being in drama productions where you have a part, but you’ve memorized none of the lines, you’ve never practiced, and the solo is coming up soon! I literally woke up in a cold sweat telling myself, “It isn’t real! it isn’t real!!” Yeah, like 7 years ago and never would actually happen kind of unreal.

Ok brain, give me a break please. I’ll take the normal Darth Vader/Hitler nightmare combination from now on.

Speaking of Darth Vader, dude caused me to jump behind the couch as a young child. It’s not the voice, it’s not the velvet trimmed cape, and sure isn’t the boots. It’s the fact that he has powers you don’t and thinks that force choking is an appropriate anger management technique. It’s not. He’s like a very, very, very, angry Dad. Like you crashed the family car and your Dad also happened to DESTROY A WHOLE PLANET. And you know you are SO DEAD.

Thanks for not being an evil galactic ruler, Dad. I’m still sorry about busting your taillight my junior year.

My sister and I got hit with a plagueish cold this last week, making New Years celebrations a no-go. Needless to say, it was hard to stay positive.


We all do, Sister, we all do.  

Which leads me to my final realization:

I am a nerd. (become one, and you too can have drama nerd nightmares seven years later!!)


Leia buns, of course. 

My husband and I, spent a vast majority of this weekend other than chores and cleaning the house either watching Star Wars movies or playing Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (circa 2004). Which if you’ve never played it, basically gives YOU the POWER to choose through many different scenarios if you’re on the dark side or the light side. Aka are you gonna be a good guy or a bad guy? Are you going to slice innocent people with a lightsaber, or slice bad guys reluctantly with your lightsaber after talking doesn’t work? SO fun. To all of you peeps out there embracing your inner Star Wars nerd, may the force be with you!

Fact is, stories about families struggling against the universe to work out their ish, fight or embrace their anger, and green old dudes offering training on a snake infested planet are all very relatable to us.

Well, not green dudes on snake infested planets. But, how many times have you underestimated a friend or acquaintance to find they had a wisdom and strength that proved invaluable?

Ok, here are some pictures of my paints like I promised last time:


Aren’t they BEAUTIFUL? 


Opening up these bad boys promptly led to painting while eating pad thai.


Nothings beats eating food while painting food. 

This week my husband has to get up at 4:15 instead of 4:45am. Yuck. We got a light dusting of snow in Bellingham this week so I was happy to hear that he made it to work safely this morning.


proof, in case you doubted. 

The other night, my husband was talking about figuring out retirement, changing the headlight on his car, and paying old medical bills, and I was like…

“When did we become adults?!”

Then he reminded me we played a Star Wars game for most of the afternoon. Phew! That was a close one…

If you need me I’ll be convincing myself that grocery shopping is more important than achieving Jedi status on my nerdy game.


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