How to Adjust to a New Place

1. Make a list of your favorite places.

Burn that list.

From the ashes of your old list a Phoenix will arise, and you will find your new home.


2. Do something new everyday. Like visit your favorite big box stores with the EXACT same layout as your beloved Target of yester-year (aka dip your toe in the waters of newness only to have it be regular old water just like the last place).

3. Rewatch Harry Potter. Because do you really need a reason to rewatch Harry Potter? Cry when Dumbledore tells Harry that it’s best not to dwell on dreams (aka the BellingHoME you left) and forget to live.


4. Go to a new park. Smell some flowers. Your husband finds a lost dog in the park far away from its home. Try to get the dog to be friendly so you can read dog tags and find it’s home. Dog too scared and bolts.

Are you the dog? Or is the dog you?

Reflect on how META this experience is. SO META! I haven’t gone this deep in layers of meaning since my Nature Writing class in college.BlaringConcernedKid

5. Scroll through Instagram and see all of the amazing food your favorite local business back in your last place of living are posting, and know that you can’t have any of it. Think about sampling some local cuisine and then remember you’re broke for all of eternity because your husband just started grad school.

6. Vacuum the stairs.

7. Read a book.

8. Vacuum a book while reading the stairs. It’s exercise!

9. Get super chatty with the sales lady who looks about your age with blue hair who compliments your earrings and almost ask her out on a friend date. Then you remember your holding a large rubber mat you just purchased and hurry out the sliding glass doors while slightly flushed.


10. Remind yourself it’s only been a week.


YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Ft. my niece the cutest little motivational speaker ever.

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