Unpacking Christmas Boxes

Merry Christmas season everyone! Below is a poem I recently wrote and shared at a Women’s Christmas tea my church hosted.

Unpacking Christmas Boxes

Three years ago,
Dreams of engagement boxes
Danced above my head,
Buried in snow and expectant waiting
Tortured by bright bows and the sparkle of
Unaware of the cancer growing in my Mother’s chest.

The angels sing,

Peace, Good-will to all Men.

The next night I dreamt of a large box,
Heavy and sagging in my arms,
I could barely grasp the sides.
And God said to me,
“You’ll carry this next.”

Like Mary, I tucked this away in my heart.

And here I am,
Working at the bakery
Struck with the weight that Mom is gone,
Carrying a box of cake rounds
Which will hold Ginger Spice, pumpkin cheesecake,
And the Holiday glow others can still find.

Emmanuel, God with us.

I unpack each piece and think of the surprise parties, holidays and solemn funerals
We commemorates with sweets.
I hand out to-go boxes, and flatten the cardboard outside the shop
A bride discusses two-tiered wedding cakes,
My coworker admires my ring.

I carry a lot of boxes
Gold, Frankincense, and Myrhh

Three years later,
I dream of God’s banquet table
Spread with abundance and celebration
Buried in my heart, and bittersweet pain.
It’s not the tidy box I asked for.
The angels sing
Glory to God in the Highest
Peace, Good will to all Men.

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