Save Your World.


You are not responsible for saving the world. There is a God who is much more qualified for that role. Regardless of how you feel about this last year’s election, you probably feel like you are responsible for changing someone’s mind regarding an issue close to your heart.  You want to save people from their ignorance. You want to save people from hate. You want to save refugees from harm. You want to save babies. You are responsible for what’s happening. You’re responsible to a God who is saving the world. Especially if you call yourself a Christian.


Politics bore me to no end. I’d rather do my taxes than research issues. But my disinterest in political happenings does not excuse me from trying to solves the problems we face. But I’m a writer and I care about writing. I have a responsibility to use my gifts and my talents wisely. I can sow discord or I can sow hope. I can be a spectator or a speaker. I can pretend to be impartial, I can pretend you are impartial. We all know we are not. Disagreeing has never been a bad thing.

Can we agree on one thing? You are responsible. You hold influence within the spheres you are. Do you turn away from those who are “other?” Do you box in and trap those who disagree with you? Do you beg for “peace,” when you really just want silence? Do you scream and expect others to listen? The middle child within me just wants us all to “Get along.” The middle child within me wants to say outrageous things to stir up some controversy and see what happens. Neither option is good.

You don’t have to change the world, but what can you change for the better?

Psalm 84:10 Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.”

Better to be a humble doorkeeper for Jesus, than a comfortable man in living in luxury of evil people. Better to be a toe, or a foot, and stop pretending you’re the head of the body. Better to be a part of the body than a lonesome (and slightly creepy) body part struggling by themselves. Be who God wants you to be, and not who the doubters tell you is your only option. Better to be a toe on a healthy body than an eye of a body that’s diseased. Better to ask God who you should be than to wait for the culture to tell you.

So go, save your world. One person at a time.

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