The Lovers, the Dreamers, and Me.


It made sense at the time. 

Hey there, just popping by to say hello! I hope your Easter was restful and you were able to celebrate. I was lucky enough to find a seat at a lovely potluck and was greeted with a mimosa at the door. Then I rushed home to make an Easter feast for my husband when he got home. And boy was it a lot of work. Trader Joes had everything pre-seasoned and half-cooked. I agonized and labored over frozen mashed potatoes and steamed asparagus. The lamb tips had to be watched for a whole 15 minutes. Which is half a comedy episode.


Some of my favorite moments from the last week. 



Have you ever tried being a tourist in your own town? Jesse and I started to plan our one year anniversary trip to Portland, OR and then realized that it was such a beautiful day outside in BELLINGHAM. It can really be a treat to take a camera around your own town on a sunny day and pretend you’re seeing things for the first time. “There’s a coffeeshop in the middle of the park!” “This used bookstore is so quaint.”

If that’s not your slice of pie, I recommend a muppet movie marathon (say it five times fast). I’ve currently had the rainbow connection song that Kermit sings running through my head all week. There’s something about a nostalgic movie marathon that gives you an excuse to make a ginormous bowl of popcorn and just rest. Holidays are not always the easiest, this year I was struggling with both of me and Jesse working Easter weekend, our favorite Kelly’s being in Washington D.C., and desperately wanting a “plan” to fix the gap in my schedule. But there’s something to be said for Church family, and humbling yourself a bit to admit that you need an invitation for the afternoon.


Found those red shoes for $20 at REI. Not to brag…

I realized last night, that we all find ourselves in need from time to time. I’ve just felt like I’ve had to ask for more of it this last year than I wanted to. I like helping other people, being the one to give, not the one to receive. I wrote a poem in my journal last night and felt like these lines are appropriate:

We all press our forks into the tarts crust, hoping it doesn’t crumble—

searching for an ‘even break.’

Where’s my perfect portion?

Do you ever get stuck feeling like you’re taking or giving too much. You want things to be equal, equitable, and “do your part.” But the kingdom of God is not pie, a tart, or a measurable thing. It’s very American to want to quantify your contributions and to make sure you “measure up.” What a bunch of horse poop (yes, I said poop).



It’s as if you’ve become so used to measuring and striving in your life that it becomes just a part of the background. What happens when you don’t have a whole lot of control over the things you once thought we very very important? Has your soul become like your town, so familiar and unnoticed you barely glance out the window when you drive? What if you explored your heart and mind with a new vision, one set firmly in the truth that you are loved and valued by God. His lens sees something new, something being renovated. The Lord is an excited tourist when he visits your soul. I might be taking that metaphor too far, but it’s a great place to start thinking “How does God see me?”



Happy Easter!



P.S. Special thanks to “blog husband” Jesse for taking a lot of these photos, editing several, and letting me use his fancy camera.

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