Real Peace

Pictured below is my “non-crafty” craft. I believe that making anything qualifies as a craft. So I drank a bottle of peach soda, rinsed it out, cut off the stem of a fake flower, and BEHOLD! A CRAFT! image

Apparently, “other” people don’t think this qualifies as a craft ;-). I sent a picture to my sister and she thought I’d handcrafted each petal. Whoops. Sorely tempted to take credit for something Michael’s craft store provided for  me.

My definition of a craft project is anything that can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, it becomes a chore. This short-term mentality does not set me on the path to become a Picasso, Michelangelo,  or any one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles.

A girl can dream, right?


Fact is, I just want to create things. Even if I can’t take all the credit for it. I just want to put my voice out into the void and tell the darkness it doesn’t win. Not this time.

I woke up underground
Not a light, not a sound
I threw my voice into the dark
But the dark had no remark,
Just repeated what I said

-Cody Fry, “Underground”

Do you ever come to find peace surrounding a decision or state of heartbreak, only to have someone bring it up again…and you think: “I was ok with this, why did you have to bring this up?” You sat in the shade of the willow tree, and felt the sweet spring breeze across your face and felt the restless disappear…only to find your peace was untested. It was undisturbed. True peace must be renewed constantly. Real rest gets challenged. You have to make it through winter and know spring is coming. 


Somehow, year after year I’m captivated by Spring. It’s funny how quickly we forget that that plants bloom and that the same boring old trees we’ve been staring at all winter long really can be a vibrant green all over again. Deep down I think there’s an Anne of Green Gables inside all of us that looks at the world with wonder and fancies themselves a poet. Or at the very least, we all can appreciate a little sunshine. What’s not to love about a little whimsy in nature?


Anytime I try to take a picture of my husband this is his pose. I’ll take it.

I call this the Season of Freedom. Why? Because Easter Sunday is about Jesus coming to free us. To free us from the cave of echoing darkness and unseen chains. I’m finding freedom from the oppression of wanting to be seen and heard by everyone but Jesus. I want my life to play out on a grander stage. I want a larger role with the spotlight directly on me. When in reality, that would not give me freedom. Just different bosses calling the shots.


What do you need freedom from?

Freedom from being in a constant state of waiting for things to go “back to normal.” Anger and bitterness at a broken world. Being paralyzed between anxiety and depression. Caught in addictions that started out as exceptions to the norm.

I’m not a teacher right now, but there’s still a part of me that still wants to give people assignments to complete, so bear with me. How about you go for a walk. Whether it’s brilliantly sunny or slightly drizzly and think about these things. Maybe bring a friend if you’d like. That’s your homework. There’s no grades given or even a destination but I hope the Lord meets you there.


Real peace gets tested. True freedom often means a battle.





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