A Gentle Heart

One of my very favorite Sabbath activities is to go for a walk outside. The more nature, the better. Add a bit of sunshine and my vitamin D deprived self will rejoice. I went for a walk with my sister, and it wasn’t a nature walk. It was a COUNTRY nature walk. Log cabin: Check. Horses whinnying every 5 minutes: Check. Powerlines buzzing in a golden field: Check. We even saw a blue heron flying over a little marsh. I don’t have any pictures because I left my iphone at home, so you’ll just have to believe me. Yes, take my word for it!

Can we have just a season of Sabbath? Is that a thing? Please tell me it is, because I’d embrace it wholeheartedly. An adventure of the heart, which challenged it to rest. I’m not talking netflix binges and hiding, but rather saying “No,” to the striving. “No” to American individualism “I got this, yo!” and then collapsing in a pile. “No” to the American Dream of college + degree = big house, no loans, and fulfillment. How many of you have a job, a house, or a degree because someone influential helped you out? Because you prayed and prayed and prayed and this time God said yes.

Life keeps going, and you can’t take a sabbath from change. Put in the work in the “better” times, so that when the rain comes you have an umbrella, or you can recognize puddles before you step into them. At least know how to make a mud pie, ok?

I’m very grateful today, that my brother-in-law Joey is ok, and that he and my sister are doing ok. He was rear-ended by another driver which totaled his car only a short distance from home. He’s going to have a nice “Harry Potter” scar on his forehead, and they’re currently looking for a new car and driving a “Space Car” from the rental company.


Look at those beautiful people. ❤ Photo cred: DKelly

And yet, on the very same day, I had my first day of work at the cake shop. And it was fun, and hard work, and exciting. I decorated a turtle cheesecake by latticing caramel and chocolate syrup. I sliced dozens of pieces of cake, and I learned to ask questions and be ok with being the “Newbie.” This week I’m learning how to make espresso drinks…!


Let them eat cake!  I, er, don’t have cake for you though, sorry.

Be gentle towards yourself. I just realized that my 10 yr. old self would be super stoked on my life. “You work with cake???” “You WRITE a blog? and people read it??” “You’re MARRIED?” I’m not a famous actress, so that will be a little bit of a letdown, but we’ll get past it. Fact is, if you’re beating yourself up, you’re missing it. You’re missing this moment, this beautiful time in your life that will never happen again. A nice elderly person told me last week that my eyes sparkle. And I wanted to be like “Yeah, and none of my pants fit right.” But that’s a poor, poor response. Even if I just thought it. Cause the fact is, 3 years ago I would’ve thought the same thing, and now I laugh at how foolish it is.


Comfy sweater scar + braid + tea = a good start to the day


It makes me wonder: what other adventures of the heart are out there, waiting for me? I’m sure it looks different for everyone, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the outcasts, the unwanted, the unloved, and yes underdogs.

– Tim, read more here: The Grinch, puppy dogs…

What other adventures of the heart are out there? Waiting for me? Perhaps I’ll have to learn the same lessons again, or I’ll embrace a new path with it’s own cast of characters.






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