Friends are friends forever

friends are friends forever…if you go yurt camping!!


Last weekend I went on a camping/bachelorette party and all 4-8 of us slept in a fancy smancy yurt. It was the epitome of “glamping” since it was heated and well lit.

Tiny ceramic yurt is optional.

Tiny mosaic yurt is optional.

Thankfully, my one year of Girl Scouts in the 1st grade prepared me for this glamping trip. First of all, I learned long ago that the best things to eat for breakfast are chocolate Costco muffins and anything wrapped in foil and warmed up over coals. My former troup leader let us eat Costco muffins, eggo waffles, and Chex mix to our hearts desire. My sister’s troup ate cold chicken and Cheerios. So yeah, my troup was the coolest.

Sidenote: I thought we were called “Brownies” not because of our brown colored uniforms but because we would eat brownies. Disappointed.

Anyways, yurt camping. Because we were camping in October, the fire pit was uber damp. And no one remembered kindling or a hatchet. So half of our group was throwing, shaving, and prying apart our logs. Nothing says bachelorette party like foraging in the woods for dry pieces of wood. One hour later I was able to coax a tiny flame out of the wood scraps and started celebrating by yelling “THANK YOU GIRL SCOUTS!!”

It seemed appropriate.

Later, our neighbors took pity on us and bought us some kindling. At least I thought it was pity, but it was actually A BRIBE. They then informed us their 10 yr old son was having a birthday party. And nothing says 5th grade birthday party like  a 7am game of nerf gun wars!!! Needless to say, after a weekend of smore’s, games, and friendship the rude awakening of their high pitched screams made us all eager to reintroduce ourselves to civilization. Aka Starbucks.

We joked that the four of us that stayed the second night were the “survivors.” This seemed Especially true once the Moms gave out whistles as party favors to the 5th graders. And in some ways my friends that I met 5 years ago in the dorm as fellow scared freshman have been survivors.  Our friendship has survived finals, summer camp jobs, first apartments, graduation, internships, and now finally marriage. The bride is the last of our trifecta to get married and I’m excited for the years to come. Cue sappy music and fade away to shot of a sunset.

Not a sunset. It is, however, a photo I took outside the yurt.

Not a sunset. It is, however, a photo I took outside the yurt.

I’ll be in the corner looking at old Facebook photos of freshman year if you need me. And no, I’m not crying it’s just allergies. Really!

What’s your funniest camping story? Do you even go camping?


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